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Obsidian Fire wrote: The thing is... the Aerith/Zack pairing has nothing to do with the Aerith/Cloud/Tifa love triangle. Even if Aerith and Zack were an official couple (and CC treats them like this), Aerith would be free to pursue Cloud once she knows Zack is dead.

There's no reason the Remake can't have both in it.
Exactly. I always thought that Aerith and Zack were a couple, but I still thought her feelings for Cloud (and vice versa) were genuine.

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hitoshura wrote: Don't belittle my peoples, bitch. We work hard and we do what we're told. And might possibly be Scottish.
ultima espio wrote: I'm not sure if it was a BOMB, it could have been MAKO, KING, BEST, or ORBS.
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