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Okay finally it let me do something here's an update:

I put up a long post and a youtube video about TC and two of her blogs instantly went silent and stopped updating, like nearly to the day that I made the statement I believed her to be Jen.

After that she's only updated her actual site maybe three times and all of those times were to ask for money, basically selling shoddy merchandise that she gives away for free a lot to her friends if they ask. Considering what she's charging and how much she claims to have sold she will profit about 2grand this month for selling a "package" of 6 recipe cards, one holiday card, and a sheet of 8 stickers designed by her ONE artist who was dumb enough to stick around. Lauren. The money won't go to Lauren.

I tested her donate button to see if I could send Lauren money, felt bad for her cause she was begging basically everyone she knew for it. At that point I offered to buy some of her art. TC told her that it was a "Trick" and she was not allowed to take my money. Also she's "unhappy" with what I said about her on my site cause it was "mean" I guess so mean to tell the truth even if I'm offering her 200 dollars that she keeps begging for a commission. I'm just saying what I know is true and what TC has begun to mass delete and hide because she also knows it's true. Posts that existed on her blogs before no longer exist making it harder and harder for me to get any sort of proof.

So I go to the donate button on her website. She claims all the money goes to supporting the site and the ARTISTS (even though there is only one) who do art for the site. Her site is hosted through Wordpress so at most she's paying like 99 dollars a year. She also don't update or maintain it herself, mostly it's one of her concubine roommates that does it. For example I know for a while her boyfriend was running her Twitter account. He also got my twitter locked for ONE tweet I made explaining the truth behind a picture she posted and lied about (apparently telling the truth is harassment even though she knows I was there when the picture was taken so she knows that she's lying and I'm not whatever)

I also found out that she has 9 staff members listed but only 4 actual staff. What I mean is that her staff each have multiple accounts but they don't tell anyone that they are different people. Her one boyfriend at some point was running 4 of these accounts and no one knew they were different people. Her boyfriend (before Lauren and actually a woman) believed himself to be Hannibal Lecter and a male version of Abigail Hobbs as well as some made up character named LOIS who the creator (Bryan Fuller) later went on to use in the show, not the character the name, because TC asked him to name Freddie's gun Lois.

The creator (Bryan Fuller) the production company (DLC) one of the effects people (Janice Poon) and another woman (Loretta Ramos) all promote TC. All of them. She just ran a contest on her twitter which they ALL retweeted. They also ALL retweeted her "Pay me 45 dollars for this crap merch" holiday package which she claims to be nearly sold out of now. She does this about once a month and even adjusted for her initial investment to print these items she's making thousands because the official companies are promoting her.
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