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Bio looks good Satsu. It's approved, but Coldman has a similar materia to yours, Time, while you consist more of speed, so let's try and show a difference. It was kinda an iffy subject that we let him use time, so it should go the same for you. Don't abuse the materia and say that you can speed up time to cancel out Shio's time materia or something like that. I've RPed with you a good deal in the past so I'm fully ok with you doing it on the condition that it differs from his and you refrain from God Modding with it (which I doubt you would anyways).

And Coldman, technically yes we're starting over, but we're pretty much going off of what happened at the old site. Bit confusing I know, but it'll work out. Everything is still the same about the base, the people there, etc. We're just starting in a mission to finally get it rolling.
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