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Default Forum software upgrade (for real now)

All right, we've talked about this before, but, shit's got to happen now.

We're running forum software whose base version is almost ten years old now. It's sorta been patched a few times to fix critical security and compatibility errors, but besides that, not much has happened. At this time, there's a critical security error that allows malicious peoples to upload a file which allows them to do nasty shit, and since vB has a shitty license structure that requires you to pay an annual fee or be shit outta luck, it's only a matter of time before we're definitely fucked. We've already had a breach where (probably) our whole database was extracted, and I don't think it'll get any better.

So we need to change. There's a number of options, too many if you'd ask me, and I honestly don't know what our criteria should be - like, what features do we really use, what can we do without, and probably most importantly, what would be a dealbreaker and cause people to move away from TLS.

We've had a previous thread about this, the shortlist was then basically vB 5 (shot down due to performance, but same problem with the license structure; our current license allows us to download an older version which I'm sure has some security issues already), Xenforo (idk, I've played with it the other day and it's got very weird UI things going on), Discourse (the new and hip kid on the block, but vastly different in UI to the current TLS which might scare people away), and I guess the ye olde ones like phpBB (which seems to still be actively maintained), SMF which TLS started out with but which doesn't seem very active anymoar, err. Probably a billion more. I'm seeing Vanilla Forums be mentioned a few times too.

Long story short, we need to do something or TLS will suddenly be a dodgy porn site. Maybe it already is.

What do?
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