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This is literally how I use TLS:

*clicks new posts*
*checks various threads*
*closes tls when done*

I mean, in the main that's it. More complicated stuff would be using the search feature (ours kinda sucks anyway), going on to my profile to find specific posts or threads I've made (can't think of any forum software that doesn't have this) and looking at my friends list to find specific people if I want to check their posts (I do this rarely). The last one is a feature we could possibly lose, but I'm sure there's some kind of alternative to that available.

I'd quite like the ability to subscribe to threads and maybe get a notification when they've been posted in. Or there's a feature in SMF that's like "unread posts" but it's "show new replies to your posts" and it lists threads where you've posted and people have posted after.

Obviously a biggie, fairly TLS specific thing is thanks. But I'd be happy with a simpler system (maybe a "like" with a number tally rather than a list of people's names) that a lot of modern forum software seems to have. More importantly maybe is the level of personal customisation we allow here, which most forums do not. In fact we're the only one I know of that does allow that level of customisation. So that's something we're going to have to keep in mind moving forward.

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