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Cthulhu wrote: What I could do is install a number of those forum softwares and spend some time on giving it the basic TLS feel - font, colors, cookie monster - and then see again. I think a lot of the opinions on forum softwares isn't really about how it's made or what it does, but about familiar navigation (I think for TLS it'd be one part using the New Posts feature, the other being slow and clicking on forum categories and such - but, do tell how you use and would like to use TLS).
I think if you can do that and then once we've all spent some time poking at them, we can toss up a poll of sorts associated with it. I think it'd probably be the best way of gauging opinion, and this thread we can narrow the list down to the few we really have the most strong interest in.

(Also, now that I've been thinking about it, I like the navigation structure here a lot - because I tend to lurk in particular areas of the forum in my free time as a way of scanning for particular topics & updates rather than using new posts like Lex does).

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