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Impressive counter argument. Really that must have taken you ages to come up with that childish snappish retort.

Actually I'm "in charge" of a family, with a bisexual, Mexican wife who is now at risk for greater discrimination (even if being married to me she might not show the bisexual side of herself). I have a daughter who may choose to be a full blown lesbian when she grows up and god bless her. Or maybe she views herself more as a he. Thanks to the damage this government can now do to her, that future along with the future of millions of others is now compromised and this is why people of all walks of life are, rightfully, angry.

So if you want to snipe and be a contrarian go right ahead. I'll start planning for the worst while hoping for the best.
And I share your concerns.

But the reason why I said that is because the sentiment of "punish all white people" is ridiculous and untenable.

Unless I read your statement wrong, and you meant "we're all punished", then yeah, I apologize.

Still, the sentiment of "Blame White People" is untenable, and will lead to Trump and People Like Trump being elected over and over again for decades. It's not going to work.
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