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demonwolf wrote: Thanks everyone, I really needed to know that.

Another question, how is Genesis still alive at the end of DoC? I read the wiki but am still unclear on how he survived in CC as well as what he did during DoC. Call me dumb.

Also I don't know where I read it but was Genesis saved by Minerva? Was that canon or fanon?

...It appals me that I intend to write him into my story with how little I know about him.
(SPOILER) Given the reports found by Vincent/the Player in DoC and Weiss and Nero making a cameo appearence in the near ending of Crisis Core, he was offered to join Deepground but declined, and instead chose to sleep for the next 3/4 years.

My question is what Genesis intends to do with Weiss's dead body, but Square Enix won't answer that.
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