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Same. I only really like fics that are canon-compliant (except for when canon contradicts itself. Sometimes you have to pick a side).

Like I said, it does seem as if Minerva's intervention cured Genesis. I can't remember whether or not he was in a coma from then on, or whether he briefly came to consciousness once Zack carried him to the surface. In any case, it seems as if you have a lot of decisions to make

- just how did Minerva cure Genesis?
- did he continue to harbour Jenova DNA in him after the cure?
- did Shinra get a chance to experiment on him and his DNA or did events move too fast?
- how did he end up in Deepground and why didn't Weiss and the others tear him apart?
- what powers does he still retain?

To the best of my knowledge, canon offers no answers to any of these questions so you're free to make it up.

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