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I love the Last of Us but it was... difficult to get through. Like a slog, (but not like FF13 was a slog).
A good slog? I dunno how to phase it. Emotionally draining?

I love the bleak setting and world and I'm looking forward to seeing Elle again but I can tell my feels are going to take a hit.

X-SOLDIER wrote: Dear gods. I can't even imagine how amazingly gutwrenching, and emotionally obliterating this is gonna be.
^ That. X-SOLDIER can wurdz better than me.
Cthulhu wrote: One of us! one of us! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ct̡h̶ul̡hú fht͢ag̨n͏!́ O̴̧N҉҉̴̴E̶͜͠͞ ̷͟͢͞͝Ờ͠͏͡F̴͟ ̸̡́U̸̕͠S̶

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