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Default ATTN: Lex For Admin? VOTE NOW number 6 will shock you

As was raised in this thread, Lex is a candidate for admin on TLS. This will formalize his position and technical access levels, and will allow him to get away with tentacling people like I have for years now.

This poll is to make sure this decision is a forum majority decision, not a few people's verbal approval. I'll implore EVERYONE to vote, even if you go for the "no vote" option - this is important. We'll go with err, I don't know if there's a term for it, but it has to be a definite majority - 2/3rds instead of like, 51%.

Actually I'm not sure what we should do if it doesn't meet this; Lex has been instrumental to the site and forums for many years now, and his help in the forum upgrade / migration process has been invaluable.

If you have any serious concerns that, in your opinion, would outweigh any majority vote, please let me or another of the forum staff know in private messages - or if you'd like to make it a debate, post it in here.

We're setting a tentative end date of next Sunday night, however if people feel this isn't enough time to get enough votes, please let me know and we can extend it if need be.
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