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X-SOLDIER wrote:
lithiumkatana17 wrote: Who's the twat that voted no?
Hey now – no bullying down other opinions. If somebody's uncomfortable with it, we want people to be able to speak out about it, not just feel that they can only express their opinions in quietly voted anonymity. If any one has concerns about someone else being an admin, that's something that should be encouraged to be out in the open here – not discouraged.
This, if folks have concerns I'd rather they felt encouraged to openly post about it. I respect that they might not want to aswell, in which case someone could PM Yop, Tres, X or even myself (because I'd like to address said concerns - preferably publicly). That said, it's also a person's right not to discuss it, and we should all respect that.

I do appreciate the support however Lith

I never expected it to be 100% yes - I know I've ruffled a few feathers in my time. I can only say that when such a thing has happened I've done it for what I thought were the right reasons. I'm not an INFJ for nothing

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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