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It's also a site for building games, not a site for discussing them. The two aren't really comparable, especially since there aren't many sites for building games. If people don't like the atmosphere at this Square Enix site, and most of them won't when the staff admits they don't give a shit what anyone thinks, they'll find a Square Enix that has a staff with a better attitude.
Why isn't it comparable? It's still a site that's based on a community, a Staff, a goal, and discussing games (that we build) and there are quite a few to go to if some members don't like it at that particular one. Some leave, but many stay because the the head guy has proven that he knows what he's doing. Sure, he takes suggestions, but he's not going to feel obligated to even listen if he doesn't like it. Why should he or anyone else? It's his site.
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