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BforBrigitta wrote: I'd have to disagree with you about it being the only time the show got political though;
You're right; I phased that wrong.
I should have wrote "When the original run of the show got political it was in a general sense."

"Partners Complaint" dealt with racism and peoples perceptions in a way that still makes it relevant today, despite the show being very much in the 90s.

My worry is the new show will deal with a Trump policy specifically or a Trump tweet or whatevers going off in the news that week and in a few years will look very dated. I've no objection to the new show tackling social issues but I think it would work better in a broad way.

(Off on a tangent: I've enjoyed the new series of Will & Grace but they did to many Trump jokes. Half the characters on that show are gay and they deal with gay issues so yeah its gonna get political and that's fine. But why laser focus on Trump so much? I like comedy so I can escape the horrors of the world, not be reminded of them.)
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