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Default Re: A Friendly Reminder: Clubs are Post Count Sections

On post count, it's not viewable in people's postbit bit thingy anymore, and I'm personally in favor of not giving a shit on postcount. Each section has postcount enabled, because each post you made is a poast (orly?) and as such should count as one. My logic is irrefutable, .

I'd like to add to Mako's post a note to club leader(s). If you happen to see a discussion start in your club section that could warrant its own separate thread, don't hesitate to either report the thread or contact a moderator (or do it yourself if you happen to be a moderator) to split the thread into its own discussion thread. This will encourage more discussion on the subject, and keep the clubs clean and focussed.

The same (~ish) applies to the club's members or posters, if there's a lot of either off-topic, nonsensical or contentless posts, it's your main responsibility to remind that poster of the rules (even / especially if it's staff or his name ends with 'uthulhu', ) that apply everywhere on the forum. If that doesn't make that poster change his or her behaviour, feel free to contact a moderator or report posts.

I'd like to see the clubs become self-regulating, where the club leaders and members work together in keeping the clubs clean and not suck up all the activity.

I'd like to re-emphasize on topics that could go into their own thread. If you happen to notice or come up with an interesting topic through your club, feel free to either open up a new thread or have the thread split off. This applies to any discussion btw, whether it's about your thread's subject itself, its fanstuffs (art, homoerotic proze, etc), or something completely different (i.e. general discussion).

This'll expand forum activity, and be Great and Just.
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