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I feel confident in drawing the conclusion that Lament of Innocence is a far shorter game than its "sequel", Curse of Darkness, even though I'm yet to beat the final boss. The long, repetitive dungeons of CoD were probably an artifact of the game being an action-RPG, meaning that the designers tried to make sure that new players would level up properly. However the stamina test of those dungeons are made even more sufferable because the main character has such a low running speed.

In Lament of Innocence, the player character actually runs at a decent speed AND later on gains the ability to briefly run super-fast! There are actual dungeon puzzles in here to make some areas memorable, which also helps. In the 11 hours that I've played LoI, my enjoyment has been pretty much constant. CoD was a title that I slowly learned to love over the course of several dozen hours.

So far I enjoy the story and the characters more in CoD though, particularly how the English voice actors execute their material. When playing a voiced Castlevania game, I go in expecting an overly dramatical performance coupled with cringeworthy writing. LoI definitely has that, but the atmosphere of "OVER THE TOP DRAMA" relies more on loud music cues than the voices. CoD also becomes more memorable because the voice actors range so much in quality, from uninspired and lifeless to fully engrossed, giving-their-all performances.

That reminds me of what it was like to play Symphony of the Night for the PSP, from the Dracula X Chronicles package, with its retranslation and re-voicing. The voices and the script were no longer memorable because everything was executed...with too much competence. Give me the PS1 version, any day.

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