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Yeah, the problem with FFVIII amnesia is that it sounded exactly like how conversations my parents have with their siblings about what happened when they were kids go. I never bought that as being something to be worried about.

FFXIV amnesia is a bit weird. For starters, everyone in Eorzea has laser-guided amnesia about who the last Warriors of Light were and what exactly happened at the Battle of Cartenau (if they were there). From a meta standpoint, this was done to give 2.0 a fresh start and everyone a reason to make their characters over again. From an in-game perspective, this was caused when the 1.0 Warriors of Light got flung forward in time while a ton of aether was being flung around while a calamity was happening. Cid gets amnesia at the same time everyone else does, but his is about everything, not just the laser-guided type everyone else gets. That said, the Warrior of Light somehow helps him remember everything via the Echo, so that's not that big a deal, well, except that he disappears for the timeskip...

Stormblood Spoilers What might end up being a more conventional trope use of amnesia is Yotsuyu. At the end of 4.1 she seemingly doesn't know where she is or who she is and one of the proposed explanations by the fandom is that she's got amnesia. That said, we'll need to wait for future patches to see if that's actually the case...
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