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Ⓐaron wrote: Please, elucidate for me where people have been complaining that the staff isn't laid back enough. If anything, I've seen people complaining that they're too laid back, which is a charge I don't agree with.
Let me rephrase this: "At most of the other forums I go too, such blatant flaming of the staff would result simply in a ban, count your blessings, children."

Haven't you been emphasising from the start of this forum's beginning how this isn't ACF? Please, elucidate what caused this shift in thinking.
I never said ACF. 'This community' hardly comprises that site, and that's not where several of us know him from. I myself know him from other forums where he was a refreshing breath of fresh air of sanity and reason.

It's kind of hard for for TLS staff to defend that position when the whole reason half the people on your staff are there is because they asked to be. But really, the only person on TLS who's acted eager for a staff position is Quexinos.
Who, specifically, asked for a staff position? And Vendel and Alex have expressed their desire on multiple occasions, serious or not.

Addendum: No one's familiar with Emo duck? Kind of surprising.
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Now this is a compilation entry I want to see.

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