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Ahem, ahem!

Contrary to how he looks, the EDK is a frail character who not only has a history of being nauseated by love, but he is easily disoriented by things such as disorder and being kissed on some randy.

Lo! Witness how he reacts to Cloud deviating from the play’s intended trajectory!

When Cloud chooses to Defeat the King

EDK wrote: What ho! Do you dare ignore the Evil Dragon King!?
O_O! Take a chill pill, dragon boy!

Let’s look at what happens when Cloud kisses the EDK

EDK wrote: What...
And that’s when EDK turns into gasp!!!! Beautiful Girl!!

Having been trapped in the body of a dragon for so long, Beautiful Girl would be bursting with gratitude for Butch’s assistance in liberating her from her curse of working this shitty, exhausting job where she has to dress in hot costumes and deal with randos. Being that the EDK would technically be no more at this point, Butch would technically have won.
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