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Claymore wrote: To kick things off, I will make a nomination for the moment that you first left Midgar.

VII was my first Final Fantasy game, so I jumped into the series without any preconceived notions about what to expect. I loved exploring the cyberpunk atmospherics of Midgar and the slums, but as events turned up a gear, every single mini moment which led to the highway escape just took my breath away. The trail of blood, the death of the President, the fight against Rufus, the highway escape ... it was all edge of your seat stuff! I had no idea what to expect next, so was shocked to discover that the entire world suddenly opened up before me! It was a genuine moment of shock and awe, and the scenes of the desolation of life around Midgar and the distant mountains just added to it all. As I left Midgar behind, it was when I truly felt just how special this game was going to be.
I had the same experience.

I would say Nanaki learing about his father, but in the interest of variety, I'll say when Tifa wakes up after Northern Crater. Our heroes are captured, Cloud is missing, they're about to be executed for no real reason, a giant meteor is coming to destroy the majority of life on the planet, and the world is being torn apart by giant kaiju. When I first played it, my reaction was, "....Jesus!!"

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