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Default The Potential of Disorienting Game Techniques in the FFVII Remake

Today I was randomly reminiscing on the internet and something sparked my memory about old techniques for blocking off players from certain areas by using intentionally strange, or physically impossible loops. In FFVII, the place that comes to mind most immediately is the Sleeping Forest if you try and enter it without obtaining the Lunar Harp, and how you get twisted and looped around to prevent you from passing through. I've been thinking about iterations of this type of technique in modern games, and how they might be used in a lot of ways and places in FFVIIR.

For the Temple of the Ancients, its M.C.Escher-like presentation is something that really feels like it could be nailed very effectively. The ability for doors to exit in the wrong locations or for things to loop around strangely is much easier to achieve with rooms and corridors, as the P.T. Demo and Layers of Fear both utilize the technique of passing through doors or around certain corridors to block off loading areas. Something like that along with strange puzzles would be excellent to see there.

For Cloud's recurring memory problems, it'd be really interesting to see the sort of hallucination techniques that Arkham City employed used on Cloud when he starts to have little lapses in his memory. His fade-to-white flashbacks would be an interesting way to implement transforming things like the Midgar Reactors to the ones in Nibelheim so it helps to underscore the situation directly impacting Cloud's mental state, so as the player, you get a better sense of just how NOT OK Cloud is.

The Sleeping Forest is the only one I can't quite think of a modern example, since it's an unreachable goal that becomes locatable with an item. For things like that, there's the endless staircase in Mario 64 as an older example, and I guess to some degree the flashback scene in Arkham City loosely applies the same technique, but the advantage is that those destinations are also an obscured vanishing point, so they're not QUITE the same. I am curious if anyone knows of any modern games that've employed a technique to achieve something like this.

Overall, especially with the hiring of level designers, I'm really curious if there'll be an attempt to generate some sort of twisting perspective for the player in locations like this in the Remake, and I genuinely hope that there is. If anybody else can think of other game techniques that do things like this or places in the game that might fit using them, I think it'd be a fun concept to chat about during the seemingly ever-present news lul.

Also, maybe if we flesh this out a bit more, it might make for an interesting article? (We could even loop in bits about Jenova's portrayal into that).

EDIT: I did make it into an article after all:

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