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Mako. I'll say this once.

Please pay attention to what *I* say when you're responding to *my* posts.

His very barebones bit earlier on was a decent start, but rather lacking in much of anything, tbh. There was a bit of humor, yes; but six sentences doesn't seem to have given anyone any idea as to what kind of person he is. He also hasn't given HIS OWN OPINION on any of this ongoing BS, which is the sort of thing you'd sort of expect someone to comment on when it's their own self that's the topic. And I know he's seen it, because about a minute or two after my long post, I checked his profile and noticed he was reading the thread. Soooo...yeah.

Again, note that I don't give a crap how he was appointed. I just want to know what the guy is like. If all of the mods/staff made some sort of introductory post when their position was granted, it would give an idea of their personality or w/e...sort of how the entire Introductions subforum works (minus birthdays/leaving), right? =/

At posting on the forum: the fact is that the areas with the highest activity are the non-FF related sections, yes? How is it then that some of the most active members don't even know the username (and yes, I'll use myself as an example again - please note that I post in EVERY SECTION OF THE FORUM, barring RP and anything personally creative, i.e. art, fanfics, etc)? =/

And it's STILL a bad idea, since it doesn't really help to solidify his position among you, and it also doesn't speak much as to your confidence in him as a leader like that.

Please also note that I did mention that 'how was I anything close to snarky in addressing Celes at all' would not be a good response. It's not just what you say, Makoman, it's HOW you say it - the choice of syntax, sentence structure, all of it. Tbh, it comes across as you lashing out at her in frustration because she was among those opposed. Note the very, VERY different tone in every other post that you've made addressing her.

I won't get into this discussion with you. Like I said - we both know what I'm talking about, and that I'm right. I'm not talking shit, challenging you, demanding apology, or anything else, other than that you please don't do it again. We cool?
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