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Default What Dragon Age classes and specialization would the cast of Final Fantasy VII have?

In Bioware's Dragon Age series both the protagonist of the game and his or her companions belong to one of three classes, mage, rogue and warrior. Within each class you have subclasses known as specializations that expand on the class's base abilities. Like Spirit Healer, Blood Mage, Necromancer, Knight Enchanter/Arcane Warrior and ect. For mage. For rogues it would be Assassin, Marksman, Tempest, Duelist, Artificer and more. With warrior the specializations are Champion, Reaver, Berserker, Templar, Spirit Warrior and so on and so forth. For the purpose of this thread all characters can have up to three specialties in their primary class (more on this one later). Since each Dragon Age game has its own variations on the series' specialties I suggest that you pick the version you find best.

Now sometimes you might spot a specialization that might fit a particular character, but it's for a class he or she lacks, don't fret and jest give it to him or her. Like with Vincent. He'd probably make most sense as a rogue, but his Limit Breaks and backstory make him a shoe in for the Shapeshifter specialization, just with different forms than your standard giant spider, bear and swarm forms. Also, in the Dragon Age game, the Archery talent tree and associated talents cover all missile weapon attacks, including thrown weapons and likely firearms. Lastly, all SOLDIERs, including the washouts, are treated as warrior/mages. This is due to their extensive combat training and Mako treatments. Since mage is their secondary class they can only possess two specializations in it. These Mako treatments basically render all SOLDIERs eligible for the Templar specialization without the need for lyrium infusions, and their Jenova cells render them eligible for the Dragon Age: Inquisition Reaver specialty without the need for drinking dragon's blood.

For the purpose of this thread all characters, except for Nankai and Cait Sith, are considered human. As far as I'm concerned Cetra are just Gaia's natural born human mages. Sort of like DC's homo magi or the mages of the Dragon Age setting, except with a greater tendency to breed true.

Cloud Strife
Tifa Lockheart
Zack Fair
Aerith Gainsborough: Mage
Barret Wallace: Archery focused Warrior (Guardian/custom Champion and Archery hybrid/Berserker (DA II))
Cid Highwind: Two-handed weapon Warrior (Reaver (Inquisition)/Champion/Artificer)
Vincent Valentine: Archer/Triggerman Rogue (Shadow/Marksman/Shapeshifter)
Yuffie Kisagari: Dual wielding Rogue (Tempest/Artificer/Force Mage)
Cait Sith
Rufus Shinra
Genesis Rhapsodos
Angeal Hawley

Dragon Age: Origins classes and specializations
Dragon Age II classes and specializations
Dragon Age: Inquisition classes and specializations

Bonus Round: Which companions and or advisers would the heroes of Final Fantasy VII get along with best?

Dragon Age: Origins companions
Dragon Age II companions
Dragon Age: Inquisition companions and advisers

How about Corypheus?

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