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Mr. Ite wrote: Darn it I just arrived to hear your farewell messages!
Maybe next time? Thanks for popping in, though! <3

Super Mario wrote: Subbed! hoping your channel grows further. I will try to ask the guys at Disco Heat's stream to see your works too.
Thanks so much for that, I wasn't expecting it! I'm really going to try and push for a lot this year. It's only January and it's going so well!

Special thanks to everyone who tuned in today, particularly everyone from TLS at different times. I was almost half an hour in, wondering if I'd have company and I would've been happy babbling on by myself. Then you all started showing up with others and it was honestly one of the best streams I've done since I started doing this properly.

It's only the second Skyrim Sunday, but I'm going to keep this in the meantime. As I said on stream (probably a few times xD), I wanted to do this on a Sunday as not to get bored and end up doing it that way instead of ALL THE TIME. I think Darth was the one who was there when I said I'd rather do games I'm really hyped about instead of doing ones I'm bored of at the time.

I've been plugging KupoCon a bit, but I will be plugging TLS from the next stream onwards if that's ok? I've met some lovely people on here over the past few years and I want to give a bit back <3

tl;dr you're all awesome and I'm on adrenaline right now!
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