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These were my complaints in the staff section about his promotion.

Sirius Black wrote: Stop complaining and let the goddamn members know before he's appointed. It's this lack of communication between staff and the members base that creates drama.

Also, as awesome as this guys is, he only has 120 posts. Why the fuck is he being modded if he isn't active on the boards? Come on people, we don't need another Schala-Kitty around here.
Sirius Black wrote: Yes, but that doesn't mean he needs to be a mod here as all of his contributions really have nothing to do with forum itself, more so for the front site. I still don't understand why he's being modded if he never posts.
Sirius Black wrote: Because post count = activity. He only has like 8 more posts than Schala, bro. The front site and forum are two seperate entities. I completely understand adding him to the Site Staff, but there's no valid reason to make him a mod if he's never going to be here to moderate the forum. I'd like to see him be more active here before we go about adding him as a Mod.

Hell, Tennyo or even Dacon (if he's willing to return) are more deserving of the position.
Like some of you here I have my argument with his promotion. But, given the fact he's already been staffed and considering his credentials I think we should give him a chance to prove himself as a moderator.
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