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Leo Kliesen wrote: I know, I know. Quality over quantity and all that, but this is how it seems random. There are people who have been here for a long time who are JUST as good as Tres (perhaps even better), and then for members to log on and just see "Oh hay Tres is a Mod guys!!"--- it just seems like a random selection, okay?
To think we'd take some guy off the street and appoint them as a mod, seems a bit ridiculous. I don't get why it's hard to understand we exercised our judgment in terms of finding someone to fill in the shoes left behind by a previous mod, and our choice was this member.

There are plenty of others with skills and positive attitudes and yet he, who is new to the site, is selected after only making 127 posts? That just doesn't make sense to me.
Because moderator appointment isn't a matter of entitlement, post count, or popularity. I don't understand how that would even be seen as fair. That's not how we even do things, especially if we're looking for another mod to fill in the spot another mod left behind. If we want someone to fill in the skills and shoes left behind by one staff member, we're gonna go for someone who meets the bill, regardless of if they're popular, have a post count above 1,000, or not.

Just because you know someone, doesn't mean they should automatically be made a Mod. Like... what about Aaron for instance? Tenny, like I said? What's wrong with them? Why does Tres post an essay or two, and just WIN? It's the fact that not a lot of members know him like you guys do, so they're kind of wondering who he is. Maybe if he had been here for more than a month or two (I could be exaggerating I'm not sure), members could have gotten to know him better so that the Mod isn't a mystery. O.o
Stop right there. The essays were not the deciding factor, and it'd be nice if you would stop bringing them up. It's been repeated numerous times all the way on the fourth page that was only part of the reason. Being a moderator isn't an entitlement. You've just refuted your own point. Just because you know someone, or they're popular, doesn't mean they should automatically be made a mod. We made our decision in terms of who we wanted it to be based on our criteria. We never made it about post count or popularity.

Well yeah, of course it's my opinion! And I'm not trying to say Tres is a bad choice, or that he won't be a great Mod. I'm just wondering why him over other members who have been here longer, and have proven their worth more than enough times that he is selected out of them? I respect the choice that was made, because Tres isn't a bad guy. I don't think he will do terrible, either. I just think it makes more sense to choose someone that members are familiar with, and have suggested themselves. It's not like members are stupid simply because they aren't Staff. :c
I'll repeat the reason why then:

moi wrote: Considering the fact we wanted to find someone who would be more than capable of filling the qualifications, skills, and posting ability of the mod before (i.e. Schala) Tres was the member who fit the bill, while also exhibiting those traits in the first place. That was our decision and reasoning for doing it. Again, how does finding another individual who had the same qualifications, skills, positive attitude, and experience random?

So there's the reason, in a nutshell.
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