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Mako Eyes wrote: It's pretty damn insulting to insinuate he preformed fellatio for his moderating position. Regardless of if you meant it literally or not, the unwarranted connotation that he isn't qualified next to such an insulting and vulgar statement, is pretty well...insulting.
Wow, what a roundabout way to say that it was an insult. Which is basically just a repeat performance of everything else you've said in this thread. Do I detect a pattern?

Leo Kliesen wrote: And I've never once said he was a bad choice or that he'd do bad. In fact I keep saying that he's a great guy. The biggest thing I think, is that Staff here seems to have ignored the members of the Forum on this one. What makes Ten/Aaron/Alex/Meggy/anyone else anyone has mentioned not qualified for the spot? You haven't really answered that at all. >.<
Yeah, yeah. I'm sure Tres will be great. What I'm not sure of is modding such a new member. At this point, it's like modding me. Which quite a few people would be opposed to. (amaga)
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