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"...So, in a fit of rage, I walked up to Scott Morris, and proceeded to spit a large amount of C-3PO cereal onto his person, and I mean it wasn't an old box of C-3POs, I have to handmake it myself now, but uh, I told him that I bought uh, Carrie Fisher's likeness rights for a Philly cheesesteak and half a bag of blow, and if he thought he was half the actor that Carrie Fisher was, he could go eat a bag of baby dicks.

I mean I realize now in hindsight it was a mistake, I went home in tears and immediately called Ice-T, and he gave me some of the best advice of my life. He said, uh, spank the white man on his ass with the whip, the world is fillin' us, killin' us softly, Adolf Khadafi, still, real gangsters don't tell what they do, they just do what they got to. And that has stayed with me. And I pass that wisdom down to my kids now."
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