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Appropriate. Was there interest in seeing each other again?
Not really tbh. Personally idk if our personalities matched at all and the whole event was a product of circumstance and alcohol. Nothing but good, honest fun.

Kinkiest thing you've done in bed?

Honestly, the kinky stuff only really happens in longer relationships (in my case) as you're always looking for new things to introduce. The biggest thing I've done that can be classed as kinky is the use of handcuffs and blindfolds. Both when I was wearing them and when she was it was a pretty damn exciting experience. I'd happily put myself in that position again in future but again it only really will come up with somebody I've already slept with.

Pick two boys from the forum to have a threesome with.
Probably Flint and Lex. They are both handsome motherfuckers and if I'm lucky they'll be too occupied with each other. Plus if I film it then I could make a fortune selling it to all the shippers here.

Your favorite 5 forum ships that don't include you.
There are forum ships that don't include me? Why doesn't anybody talk about them?

- Flex as I've previously mentioned. I find it hilarious and would love to actually see it happen.

- Idk if real relationships count but I think Force and Avec are wonderful. I liked running dungeons with both of them on FFXIV.

- Howlie (You and Howl, obv) is teeming with far too much sexual energy. Just get a room you two.

- Yopgu. If it's not a ship then I'm making it one now. Yop and Fangu would make a fabulous married couple being all smart and drinking fine ale.

- DawnX. Because pegging.


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