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Music gives me inspiration and fuels my imagination. It's an endless source of enjoyment and honestly, I dunno how life would be without music. Pretty terrible I imagine. It can encourage me and alter and change my moods, oftentimes music is a way for me to feel better. Or it's a good way for me to get into a different mood, oftentimes for art purposes and writing (such as an intense scene in a novel). It can also help me enjoy something that's otherwise menial, and help time seem to go by faster.
Basically, music means a lot to me. <3

I pretty much listen to it every day. If not stuff from my iTunes, then its the radio. Either free stuff or stuff I've bought or ripped from cd's, I've never pirated any songs.

As for what I listen to... almost anything. From Frank Sinatra/oldies to new releases today. Pop, rock, metal, country, dance, electronic, classical styles, instrumentals (which vary of course), game soundtracks... there's also som rap-ish type songs I like and, though I'm usually for upbeat music, sometimes slower songs and genres can be very nice as well. Calming, etc.
I really don't have any specific bands I listen to often, nor genre of music, because that changes depending on my mood each week/month. Sometimes I'm on a country music kick, other times it's all pop, then I just wanna listen to game music and then Lindsey Stirling and Sons of Serendip. I'm not fussy over who sings a song or the instruments either. I like what I like, if the tune is good in my opinion, then I'm game.

I've never actually been to a concert. Not something on my list to do per say, but if I had a chance, I would go to see Nobue Uematsu, Lindsey Stirling, Sons of Serendip, and possibly some other game music. I think an orchestra would be cool to see.
I've watched live shows before or something similar, and even if I like their voice sometimes the instruments drown out the voices and it's like I can't hear the singer.
Also I have been to live music but it's a family band mostly and usually the shit is so loud I can never enjoy it. Like you're playing in a little bar, and I can't hear myself shout. What the fuck

Anyhow I love music. I couldn't imagine life without it.
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