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So I've been watching some footage of it on Youtube - yes, I haven't so much as glanced at since it came out in 2016, probably for fear of disappointment, and also because it's in Japanese - and I think it looks fun, but I dislike certain aspects as well.

It has a strong anime aesthetic to it (GET THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS PLEASE), and some gross anime tropes that I don't like: breast physics, panty shots, teen characters, squeaky-voiced women and girls (I was pleasantly surprised that Silmeria doesn't have one). I think this game is an alternate continuity to the original series, and I'm fine with that, since I don't think I'd like the changes they'd make anyway lol.

The combat looks fun, but mostly I get to play lots of my favorite characters from the original games, so I'd play it if it were released in English. I think they're making the same mistakes they've been making for a while now (here I'm referring mostly to the sexualization of the characters; Valkyrie Profile didn't have too much of that and you made this game anyway, so why are you putting that crap in there?) BUT I would overlook its flaws to play as my favorite characters.
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