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Default On Chapters and Questions.

This playthrough divides the game into ten parts.

In each part, there will be two chapters from the main story campaign listed as well as the required side quests (if any). You must complete these chapters and side quests. Side quests with a caret symbol (^) next to them require the mission listed directly above it to be completed before it can be activated. Upon completion, you’ll click the Summary and Questions spoiler where you can read a summary of all the story points that you’ve just played through and questions for you to answer.

Along with the questions for the main campaign and side quests, I’ve listed bonus questions for the optional side quests if you so choose to do them. I initially discouraged folks from doing any side quests I didn’t list as required, but I'm taking that back. I, in fact, encourage everyone to do as many side quests as they can squeeze in to heighten their Borderlands 2 experience (granted it doesn’t lead to you falling too far behind)!

You’re under no obligation to answer any of these questions (required or bonus) at all, but that would kinda be defeating the purpose of a community playthrough, wouldn’t it??? Whatever questions you do end up answering, I ask that you put them under spoiler tags as to avoid, well, spoiling anything for folks who are new to the game.

Note that some parts will take longer to complete than others. And that’s totally fine. Regardless, I’ll be posting a set of questions every Friday first thing in (my) morning (between 0500 - 0600 EST or 0900 - 1000 GMT). You are more than free to play ahead of the rate that I’m posting questions (ex. playing through Chapter 12 by the time I post questions for Chapter 7), but I do ask that you try not to play too far ahead. The questions that I post are best answered when the chapters are still fresh in your mind!

01/06/2018 - Part One + Two
08/06/2018 - Part Three
15/06/2018 - Part Four
22/06/2018 - Part Five
29/06/2018 - Part Six
06/07/2018 - Part Seven
13/07/2018 - Part Eight
20/07/2018 - Part Nine
27/07/2018 - Part Ten

This is the rate that I’m posting these questions, but we, as a community, may finish the game later than this! I have my eyes set on finishing the game by mid-August (in time for the ‘TLS Ranks FF Songs’ event WHOOPS SPOILER), but if any of us take a little longer than that, it’s chill.

Merci, et bonne chance!

OH!! And I hereby give 0bsidian Fire full authority to ask any additional questions alongside my own LOL.

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