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Which character did you pick to play as and why?
What do you think of the opening sequence? For those who’ve played Borderlands, how does it compare to the first?
Immediate impression of the gameplay mechanics?
Thoughts on the first bossfight?
Are you loving or hating Claptrap at this point?
Gaige the Mechromancer. Her Ordered Chaos tree is my favourite in this game and her many, many voicelines specific to building anarchy are hilarious. She goes from excitable, to insane, to breaking the fourth wall regularly.
Great opening sequence. Great music. Sets the tone nicely!
The gameplay is early on just a shooter. It's later that the crazy weapons and talents really come into play.
First bossfight is fine but doesn't compare to fights later on!
Love Claptrap. Always will.

How was your fight with Boom Bewn?
How about your fight with Captain Flynt?
Have you purchased anything from any of the item shops?
What has been your favourite weapon(s) to use so far and why?
What shield and grenade mod do you currently have equipped?
What are your thoughts on the story at this point? (For Newbies) What do you predict will happen?
What skills have you unlocked so far in your skill tree (if any)? What do you hope to achieve with your build?
What are your thoughts on Handsome Jack so far?
How about the AI communicating with you?
Got anything in particular that you want to share with the community?
I was massively underleveled when I joined Kimble so I squatted in a corner headshotting Bewm while he did the rest.
I lagged out during the Flynt fight and came back to him dead. Success!
Some boring lobbed grenade and a turtle shield.
Story is fine. It really picks up once you get to Sanctuary.
So far only the Deathtrap active and the bullet bouncing ability! After getting all the bullet bouncing talent (bullets that hit walls bounce back and hit enemies) we're going full anarchy! Absolute loss of accuracy in exchange for ALL THE DAMAGE. Who needs to aim? The bullets will get to them somehow. ANARCHYYYYY.
Jack is ossum.
The way he communicates with you regularly really gets you invested in wanting to punch the beautiful arrogant bastard.
Hi community. Are you excited?

Reject common sense to make the impossible possible!

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