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Celes Chere

Seriously though, when an important issue arises and things get heated, people will want the mods to reply right the fuck away, regardless of time zones or personal schedules.

How will you react to that kind of pressure? I remember you yourself were getting impatient at some mods. Will you always be able to respond to issues within 24 hours? Would you say it is necessary for a mod to do so?
I can react fine to that, if I am late coming to something I will own up to it and apologize. And try to catch up with every thing best I can! Also... I am on TLS quite a bit of the time, why in fact my stress in my life BRINGS me here because it's sort of like an escape for me? I care a lot about the people here so yeah... I'll get as involved as I can. ;w; Especially when a problem arises.

No, I understand people's lives can get busy and hectic! I don't neccessarily think every single mod has to post in order for an issue to be resolved unless... they are directly involved. As long as the issue is taken care of by SOMEONE than that should be enough. :3
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