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Literally Who?

Pixel wrote: I might have to stop posting stuff to reddit. Im gonna end up getting banned for spamming. Its a shame, because that place has driven a lot of people to our content.
As long as you are posting the content on Reddit with in reason you are fine.
I.e. As long as you post it and allow the content to be judged and voted upon fairly, like don't post it > See its not getting upvotes>Delete > repost you should be ok.

That and other forms of vote manipulation (like getting 10 of your friends to upvote it with in a minute of posting) are really the only real reasons why people get shadow banned on reddit. Asking for upvotes via social media is also a huge nono. I.e. posting a link on twitter and saying "Hey go upvote this!" or "Hey im arguing with this guy here!" will get you shadowbanned quick.

How ever saying "Hey I posted this go discuss it here!" is not

Or you are are advertising your own content. As long as you didn't make the content you should be fine posting it up

As an example an editor at Surrender@20 posts up his sites content (patchnotes etc.) on the LoL subreddit all of the time and its fine since he didn't write it

If it happens for any other reason its due to power tripping mods on small boards which the shadow ban only counts for that specific board and not site wide and is incredibly easy to get over turned by the admins as they can see if you were up to no good or not.

But TL;DR you can't get banned for just posting content all the time. That's the point of reddit.
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