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Lex wrote: Question:

How the fuck do you pronounce Quistis? (This is both a question and a statement). This has bothered me since I was a child.
This. It's always bothered me too.

When I played it as a Kid I would have said "Quiz-Tis".
(I don't know why I put a Z in there.)
Or Que-Tis, both seem wrong.

Cthulhu wrote: One of us! one of us! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ct̡h̶ul̡hú fht͢ag̨n͏!́ O̴̧N҉҉̴̴E̶͜͠͞ ̷͟͢͞͝Ờ͠͏͡F̴͟ ̸̡́U̸̕͠S̶

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