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No, I criticised you for making a promise that you weren't willing to follow through with when it was obvious members already had issues with you. The fact that the original promise was obviously a joke was beside the point.
So making 'promises' in jest can't be jokes, either? I'm sorry, I'll make sure that next time I say 'First person who gets this answer right/posts/etc' gets a litereal fucking cookie shipped to their house because otherwise, I'd be a lying, promise breaking person, according to your logic.

Where have I done this?
Almost every time you post in this area of the forum. Most of the posts in this topic, for one.

Or maybe I complain and argue because I have this most likely delusional fantasy that maybe, one day people will finally come around to the side of logic
Lately, I've been to bashing my head against a cinderblock with the hope that maybe, maybe a golden egg will pop out. I've been doing this for a long while now with absolutely no success but hopefully one day it'll happen!
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