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Hosagi wrote: There was no actual footage shown, just concept design work so I can't say whether they're cooler than Cloud?

But they look impressive enough to be believable fronting characters alongside the others. They're not background characters. Except Wedge who needs to be pushed into the background imo.

The "coolness" of Cloud has caused discussion online in the past I believe... But I think it's down to interpretation, I feel it means we're going to get a more stoic Cloud to start with rather than the blasť Cloud we have been accustomed to maybe. Once again that is just a theory due to limited video source material & what was shown at the panel.
Cloud's true self isn't cool, it's a facade that Aerith can see through quite easily. But it is pretty essential that Barret genuinely does not like Cloud initially but that AVALANCHE obviously needs help and that a guy like Cloud is a one in a million opportunity for them. He can't come over like Jessie's dorkish younger brother.
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