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Hosagi wrote: Glad to see the audio has provided some entertainment at least. I had hoped there was more that was discussed, maybe a full translation might provide more for interpretation.

There is someone on Reddit who has offered to translate it for a fee, which I'm not able to do myself either financially. Also hoped for a Bilingual FF fan out there as a passion project haha, the idea never crossed my mind to sell the audio to a place as I wanted to ensure all fans could eventually enjoy the audio that only a 100 or so people had the privilege to be apart of.

Hopefully it will get translated one day, be it by another or Fan or when my Japanese gets better.

But yeah, my remarks based on the audio analysis above are below.

And because of that translation I can now offer more of an insight to what happened.

The Aerith stuff was fun, although the audio throughout the exhibit was a little buggy from time to time annoyingly. But the recreated church was great to see and walk around (im sure there are photos online)

Nomura Showing up - Japanese women either side of me started to cry. Was strange. He was also only wearing one belt.

Jessie definitely has a more "womanly" figure, she looks like she could be a leading lady with her design. Looked absolutely stunning.

Wedge still looks unbelievable for this world, not in a good way. Like he sticks out? You don't believe this character exists in the world as he looks more "cartoonish" compared to his Avalanche counterparts.

Biggs looks like the love child of Johnny Depp and Snake (MGS) and is a handsome mofo in this, similar vein to Jessie in that he looks like he could be a Main Character (or more than what they are).

Cloud looking younger I guess is the best way to describe the concepts. As I've stated here before, he is a lot thinner and more feminine looking to what we've seen in Advent Children and I feel is closer in appearance to Crisis Core. His body hasn't changed much compared to the PSX trailer we got a few years back, but the facial features and hair definitely have.

The rest of the panels over the course of the exhibition were Final Fantasy 15 related with no correlation to the remake.

Okay, I have to ask because I am notorious for having this fixation.

Cloud's hair: Did they fix it to be like it's original Asymetrical style, or is it still looking too much like a David Bowie halloween wig?

"23:00 As previously mentioned, their approach regarding development changed last year, but is on track now. Things are going smoothly. Should be able to bring the product to you in the near future."

Gonna hold onto this as a 2020 at the latest hope.
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