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Lex wrote: Full scale promotion of the game has also now begun, judging by this bus in London:

It could be releasing sooner than anyone expects. This kind of promotion doesn't normally begin until the game is just around the corner. Imagine they shadow dropped it at E3? lmao
Teioh wrote: Pretty old bus for advertising

Looks like it was for an event of some kind where it was used to pick up some people. Either Square Enix picking up people or people picking up Square Enix. I don't quite understand the tweet lol

Shows a photo of a bus with Shadow of the Tomb Raider with the September release date too.

Edit: to say that it looks like Square Enix were the ones doing the picking up of representatives from Koch Media Spain.
As much I want to believe that KH3 could be releasing sooner than anyone's expecting, I find this to be suspicious, especially since most people in London's more focusing on Harry and Megan's Wedding on Saturday than games at the moment.
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