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fancyT H I C Camore wrote: Questions
  1. How are you handling traversing the Southern Shelf with your Runner? For those in parties, who’s driving and how well do they drive?
  2. Newbies, what do you think will be your favourite element and why? Vets, what’s your favourite and why?
  3. Who is your favourite personality in Sanctuary and why?
  4. Have you given the slot machines in Moxxi’s bar a go? If so, how do you like it? Have you found the rewards useful?

Bonus Quests & Questions

• The Name Game
  1. What would you have named the Bullymongs?

• Assassinate the Assassins
  1. Were you able to assassinate the assassins correctly?
  2. How’d you handle this mission?
1. It's pretty good once you get used to the controls.
2. My fav is probably corrosive. It's fantastic during a certain section of the game, plus its fun to just see them fade away when they die.
3. I really like Moxxi. 'Cause she's fun, and I like bewbs.
4. I haven't gotten anything useful, but since I never really use my cash for anything, whenever I head back to Sanctionary I always drain all my money into the slots to try and get some iridium.

The Name Game

1. Quadrolangs. A fusion of quad and orangutangs, with some flair in for good measure. My naming skills are lacking.

Assassinate The Assassins

1. All except for the last one... He accidentally got set on fire and thats what finished him off :/
2. I rolled in, kicked names, and took ass. I picked up a orange assault rifle from a bullymong (one shot does more than my sniper rifle lol), so dealing with everything was pretty easy. All enemies went down in seconds, and I was able to lower all the assassins health pretty easily since my rifle was a jacobs, so one click, one shot.
I made sure I didnt sell a shotgun since I knew I needed one, which I didnt actually end up needing, blarg.

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