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f a n c y

Omega wrote: Your rhymes are whack, you think you all that,

I did not expect any kinda back-chat
But for these rhymes, to you I tip my hat

Interslicery wrote:
fancyT H I C Camore wrote:
  1. What would you have named the Bullymongs?
1. Quadrolangs. A fusion of quad and orangutangs, with some flair in for good measure. My naming skills are lacking.
I actually really love this, haha!

Clement Rage wrote:
How’d your fight go with W4R-D3N?
1. Lost in the tower, had to go to prison camp. Hope that doesn't end up with a bad ending or Jack being repaced by a clone or something. The way this autosaves, you can't repeat missions, which is a shame. I died enough times that the respawn point started making fun of me for it.
LOL!! I only laugh because I know this pain all too well.

Now to answer Obsidian's questions!

ObsidianFire wrote: Questions for Part 1 and 2

Did your character have an ECHO recorder in their inventory when you started? If you listened to it, what does it reveal about the planets other then Pandora? Do you think they're better/worse off then Pandora is? What does it reveal about your character?

What do you think about who Jack qualifies as a bandit? Do you think he has the right idea about how to go about dealing with them?
1. Excellent questions! Well, based on what I heard from Maya's ECHO recorder, I get the sense that Pandora is something of a dumpster fire of a planet. Outsiders don't come in to settle down. It's always in pursuit of something. Pandora's current inhabitants largely seems to be made up of folks who were left behind.

2. If I'm honest with myself, from the standpoint of Hyperion, I could probably empathise with Jack's idea of who or who doesn't constitute as a bandit (if we were using a very broad brush and ticked very broad boxes). That being said, his politics couldn't be further from my own lmao. I've never been a big fan of conflict resolution via mass genocide. Jack is a beautiful metaphor, however, for nations who pride themselves in civility and class, only to turn around and totally brutalise others whom they consider 'lesser' and thus unworthy of humane treatment.
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