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double poast because I live on the edge...

Doom Bunneh wrote: (SPOILER) Yop was with us, and we were all on call, so someone (usually me) would yell out what we're supposed to use next, and everyone who had that would sort of focus on the dude, with the others mostly destroying his lackeys and/or weakening the target.
I really love this hahaha.

Doom Bunneh wrote: (SPOILER) Everything to do with Tina is amazing, but the bonerfart quest remains my favourite, purely for the jokes. Least favourite was the badass varkid thing for Hammerlock (I think that's a bit ahead though...?)

Minato wrote: (SPOILER) Airling sold her corrosive gun and was pent up about it for the entire session yesterday. Especially so since we went up again many many machines from Jack and it could've been very useful.
XD. I did a similar fucking thing bc I had a corrosive shield and then

Generally speaking, I'm surprised that folks like corrosive as much as they do! I don't care much for it myself.

To avoid the sinful triple poast, I'mma go ahead and answer my own questions...

fancyT H I C Camore wrote: Part 3
  1. How are you handling traversing the Southern Shelf with your Runner? For those in parties, who’s driving and how well do they drive?
  2. Newbies, what do you think will be your favourite element and why? Vets, what’s your favourite and why?
  3. Who is your favourite personality in Sanctuary and why?
  4. Have you given the slot machines in Moxxi’s bar a go? If so, how do you like it? Have you found the rewards useful?
  1. Were you able to assassinate the assassins correctly?
  2. How’d you handle this mission?


2. My favourite has always been shock.

3. My favourite personality probably goes to Crazy Earl because buying from him is always hilarious.

"Cash is for clowns, boy!" "Who told you 'bout this place?? I'll kill'em!"

4. .......
I am deeply ashamed at the sheer amount of cash that I have thrown at these things. Forget the respawn fees, this is the real money drain. The eridium has been mostly worth it though. I've gotten 5 jackpots in one (very, very long...)session.

1. By some miracle, yes. I could've sworn the last guy was melee'd, but eh.

2. Not very well. The whole thing was very nervewrecking and I died several times and wanted to quit even more lmao. I ran through the mission twice, once with Mao and the other with B and I wad generally full of dread both times.

fancyT H I C Camore wrote: Part 4
  1. How’d your fight go with W4R-D3N?
  2. Have you caught onto any more pop culture references? What's been your favourite?
  3. Favourite bit of bandit dialogue that you’ve heard so far?
  4. What have been your least favourite enemies to deal with and why?
  5. Have you been farming the Goliaths and have you managed GOD-liath?
  6. Favourite bit of loot that you’ve picked up so far?
  7. What's been your favourite mission to do so far? How about your least favourite? Why?
  8. What has been your favourite weapon(s) to use so far and why?
  9. What shield and grenade mod do you currently have equipped?
  10. What are your thoughts on the story at this point? (For Newbies) What do you predict will happen?
  11. Got any stories for the community? Tell’em all!
1. Fucking terribly, I don't wanna talk about it lmfao.
2. Nothing stands out at the moment.
3. LOL I love the Nomads. I crack up every time one of them dies and they moan out, 'Bury me with my stuff....' and their vehement dislike of all things smol amuses me. The way they say 'Leave us alone!' also cracks me up for whatever reason.
4. FUCKING. BUZZARDS. Screw those guys! Vardkids are pretty obnoxious, too.
5. I haven't been able to, yet, no.
6. An orange infinity pistol that quickly became useless but maaaaayn.
7. My favourite mission to do has probably been 'Handsome Jack Here!' because it's dark and aptly demonstrates what's at stake should Jack win. My least favourite has been rescuing Roland because I didn't have any corrosive weapons and I kept running out of bullets...
8. Jacobs sniper rifles will never fail you.
9. Honing shock grenade aaannd a shield that absorbs bullets at a success rate of 20%. I kinda hate them both.
10. I'm excited for what's to come!
11. B and I spent a good three hours fucking gambling in sanctuary and I simultaneously have all the regrets and none of the regrets.

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