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Update to last post: I think I found a pop culture reference. Subtle, but if you're watching for it, I think you might notice something about the 'Splinter Group' mission.

Also, my favourite bandit dialogue is probably the frustrated 'Leave us alone!' after you harass the same encampment multiple times.

pt 5

Did you lose any cash to any Rats??
Did you farm the varkids? If so, did you manage to get to Vermivorous the Invincible (only applicable to those playing TVHM+)?
What do you make of Tiny Tina? How about Mordecai?
How did your fight with Wihelm go?
How do you feel about Angelís betrayal? Did you see it coming? For Vets, can you remember how you felt?
Any reactions to the bonus sidequests (use spoiler tags as necessary )?
As always, got any stories from your adventures?
1. Not that I noticed, but I stopped playing soon after entering the Fridge.
2. No, I'm ignoring them as much as possible.
3. Love explosions and varkid killing respectively. Tina's been cracked by living on Pandora like everyone else. Given the bandit camp right outside her door, she has a thrillseeking edge or a deathwish.

4. He kicked the crap out of me, naturally, but I was still disappointed in him as an 'ultimate right hand man.' The way he was built up, I thought this was an intentionally unwinnable bossfight, so was reluctant to port out because he seemed very beatable. In the end I couldn't wear him down quickly enough, but I came back with a corrosive gun and squashed him after some sidequests. Hope that was his identical twin brother or something.

5. I did. Lilith and Roland were like 'run, it's Wilhelm' but the AI was like 'come on, you can take him', which was very out of character. I had actually heard that Jack had a daughter named Angel (in an unrelated discussion about Infinity War), but didn't connect that to the AI. I didn't suspect it enough to do the Sanctuary quests before putting in the power core, though.

side quests 'Splinter Group' was awesome and fun.

'Out of body Experience' was surprisingly easy and fun, I just plugged in the machine, then ran away and let the locals destroy it.

dinner party

I couldn't listen to the whole thing as I was busy shooting stuff, but this goes deep into how broken Tina is. If you die, you respawn too far away to finish the mission, so you have to do it right. Fire Nova SHields helped a lot.

Got so much money from the train robbery, but you lose it surprisingly quickly. Guns amazingly easy to defeat.

7. Think I told most of them. I ignored Hammerlock's mission as it was just killing more random monsters. I'm very bad at selling things I don't need, so my backpack is always full. Does the plot change at all if you play a Siren?

Part 3 and 4 Questions

The people of Sanctuary trust you very quickly. Do you feel like you've earned it?

How do you feel about Marcus supplying both sides of the Crimson Raiders vs. Bandits conflict?

Part 5 Questions

How easy did you think getting the power core was?
I feel like I should be earning trust at about 'rescuing Roland' time(just before we screw up), but you get it a lot earlier. One of the things that we're praised for is 'meeting Jack and lived' even though if the Opening is right we actually didn't.

Marcus is an arms dealer on Pandora. Can't really expect anything else.

Too easy, definitely. I lost a lot because I'm bad at this, but the dreaded Wilhelm isn't nearly as undefeatable as his rep, he just carries a lot of shield regenerating machines.

Hope Roland is alive.

Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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