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Dana Scully

There are various ways to keep out spambots -

a) set the channel to be Private/Secret - this prevents it from being listed when someone looks up the channels on the server using the /list command. ie, you have to already know the name of it to join it. You can also set flood-limits, which kicks anyone who posts more than X lines in X seconds.

b) you can also set the channel to have a password, or be invite-only, or a combination of both. But that becomes a pain for everyone.

You can have a bot, but if you want to have one on all the time it has to be registered with the IRC server and run by the server, which I haven't done. I've set up my own remote bot before (that runs as long as my computer is on) that can be set to auto-kick in event of spam (channel flooding) and do some other stuff.

As far as moderation goes, there are 4 levels: Owner/Founder > SOP > AOP > HOP. Owner/Founder is currently set to me since I set up the channel, I can pass that on to whichever mod wants it and is comfortable with commands. SOPs are pretty much gods, can do just about everything except kick each other and the owner. AOPs do a bit less than that, and all HOPs can do is kick and voice non-modded people.

Would probably make the most sense to have mods on the forums = mods on the IRC, but that's up to you guys.

Also, channel is pretty well ready, will post details when I get home from work.

Edit: the chat applet I have is meant to have it's own URL, but I have seen versions that run at the bottom of the page similar to how the shoutbox works, so should be possible.
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