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Strange thing is, I see active FF7 fans in places like LJ and such. Perhaps people just cba to join an FF exclusive forum? idk, it's not like there's a lack of love for the game going around. While expanding to the older FFs would be awesome, I'm a little skeptical of how much it's actually going to do. Not trying to put down the idea though! By all means, we should go through with it - it'll keep the community busy and no doubt it would widen the demographic scope.

The AC/ACC commentary was a good idea. Perhaps we could record Let's Play! The FF7 Compilation. Certainly there are enough funny members to make decent Let's Play commentaries. IMO, fan generated projects like the audio-books are probably more appealing than official translations. I say this because from my experience, the typical FF doesn't really care to read an Ultimania or whatever else.

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