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Celes Chere

I thought that was an interesting claim to make, as I certainly don't remember you saying hi to me when I joined, so I decided to investigate a little. Of the last 33 members to have joined and made more than five posts (your criteria), you have only introduced yourself to two, and they were Aqua, a friend of a friend, and Vanitas, someone you already knew before they joined. The last person you seem to have actually introduced yourself to was Danseru-kun, back in November 2011. How does that fit in with your definition of "usually"?
I can't say hello to everyone, but I certainly do make an effort of it. ^^; If you would like to check my entire TLS history, you would know that we (me and crack, A when she was around) used to have races about who would post "hello" to the newest members first. That kind of dwindled down though, and I started doing that on my own when I could. No offense, but it's kind of strange that you looked that far into it to make your point but... whatever. XD

Also Tony has it pretty spot on as well. I am sorry that I am a human being, Flintlock. ^^;
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