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I think it's important to talk a little bit about our motivations. These are not just changes for change's sake.

When the remake was announced back in June, it sparked a wave of enthusiasm to work on TLS projects. Some new people have come on board and published great articles, but we've also let other attempts to produce content fall through the cracks. As and when the release date approaches, we can't afford to let that happen. We need a modern site design that we can all be proud of, that makes us want to publish content and shout about it to everyone, saying "look at this awesome thing I'm part of". And, as I brought up in the meeting, we want to maximise our chances of Square Enix looking at our site (after we contact them about it) and think, yeah, they deserve a review copy - or multiple - before the remake comes out.

I understand if some people are concerned about the changes. I've gone from being a total optimist on TLS projects ("People will totally update the 'Happening Now' bar every day when they stream or whatever" - lol) to being much more cautious, and I don't want us to bite off more than we can chew. But we do need to do something. As much as we've grown attached (or not) to our current front page and forum designs, they're not going to hold up by the time the remake comes out, when we'll have new content coming out of our eyeballs. At the moment, the front page only properly highlights four articles - I doubt many people click on anything in the "more news" or "latest from the forums" sections - and so much is hidden behind the somewhat unintuitive menu system. Our content creators deserve better than that. And our forum software, as well as feeling outdated in desktop browsers, is unsuitable for the modern mobile world, where so many of our visits are from phones and tablets.
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