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LicoriceAllsorts wrote: So, I joined Discord and it seems very nice. Odd choice of name. Anyway, I have a question. When they asked me to confirm my email, they sent me this message:

"Wowwee! Thanks for registering an account with Discord! You’re the coolest person in all the land (and I’ve met a lot of really cool people).
Before we get started, we’ll need to verify your account. To do so, click on the comically large button below or click this link."

Is this the kind of message all the cool kids like these days? I can't ever feeling thrilled to get a message like this, not even when I was eight years old. It feels like it's trying way, way too hard - like Virgin mobile faux-matey messages ("Wow. Hi there! We really love you, so just chill and listen to these great tunes while we try to find someone who can talk to you." Three hours later.....) or tumblr letting me know I have a new follower. (Fourtitsandbuttcheeks started following you. Swoon! Love, tumblr).

Why are these messages so awful?

You gotta pay a price to get away from Skypes crappy resource hoggyness, bad codec/voice quality and voip infrastructure that is decade past its prime
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