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Default FYI and Thanks.

The first survey had 37 responses and this survey is 3 submissions away from that with 34, thus, I'm wrapping this party up and making an official announcement of the roles and badges matchup this Saturday night/early Sunday morning on this thread before closing it. For those who need a window, I reckon that this will be open for the next 12 hours as of 15:30 UTC. Of course, you can always check the results for yourself in the meantime, but waiting makes it more exciting, doesn't it?

After that, all chosen badges will then be handed off to the admins to work their magic.

Thank you, everyone, again for your participation! I really wanted to make this a community decision and I believe your voices have been heard. This survey did not turn out the way that I thought it would (or even preferred if I'm honest ) , but that's what makes it exciting, eh! It's what makes it feel like a community effort, which BRUH I am all about that shit, lemme tell ya, this shit really lights up my loins.

So, please, get your votes in if you haven't already and I shall see you lovies later!
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